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RubberGuard Wire

For Fences

 What is RubberGuard Wire

RubberGuard Conductive Wire is an electrically conductive rubber wire with a core of ultra-thin, tinned copper threads that can be attached to fences and gates to deter, detect and defend against intruders.

The wire is:

  • Financially economical as it saves on maintenance costs and has a long service life
  • Easy and simple to install and can even be installed on existing fence posts and insulators or be woven into existing mesh fences
  • Easy to move and re-use and does not shortcircuit if it lies on the ground or in water
  • The wire is not affected by harsh weather conditions and it is UV-resistant
  • The voltage drop along the wire is minimal

How Does RubberGuard Conductive Wire Help?

  • Can work in conjunction with existing perimeter fencing or can be used as a stand-alone system
  • Upgrades your existing chain link fence for a fraction of the cost of traditional electric fence
  • Cost effective for vast perimeters
  • Ability to be alarmed and monitored
  • Reduces the need for the presence of physical security guards
  • Can be used with Rubberguard panels to reduce cost in specific scenarios


RubberGuard products have been extensively tested by professional research teams, including the Danish Institute of Technology.

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